Why should I use Expen6?

We tailored the user experience of our app to be simple and easy to use. We don't stop here, we will keep adding features to make your life easier and track your finance with ease. Moreover, we guarantee full transparency at any time for every decision made.
You can download the app for free. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

When can I download the Android app?

We don't have an estimation yet.
We started with iOS only to improve our product and provide the best service to our customers. Once we are confident with the status of our product, we will start the development of an Android app. Later, We will maintain both platforms at the same pace. Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest news.

Can I use the app with a free tier?

Yes. We tailored the tiers to allow any customer to take advantage of the core of our product. If you want to support this product and start a Premium tier, you will be rewarded with an improved experience.

What are the benefits of the Premium tier?

The Premium tier unlocks features and removes limitations applied to the free tier. You can see all the details at Get Premium.

Are the payments secure?

We rely on well-known payment providers to handle your payments and we don't store any card information.
  • iOS In-App Payments: RevenueCat which is a leader in-app purchase server and uses the secure Apple payment systems.
  • (Soon) Android In-App Payments: RevenueCat which is a leader in-app purchase server and uses the secure Google payment systems.
  • (Soon) Web Payments: Stripe which is a leader payment provider and most of the websites rely on their services to handle payments.

Can I get the Premium tier for free?

The Premium tier allows us to make this product self-sustainable and we truly appreciate if you would like to support us in this journey.
We are not planning to remove the Premium tier but we are considering different initiatives to reward our most loyal customers.

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